5 Reasons Fall the Perfect Time for Minneapolis Roof Repair

The heat of summer is over and with fall just around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule roof repairs or maintenance. Extreme temperatures and weather can make roof work difficult or impossible. After the storms of summer have passed and before freezing winter weather begins, it’s a good idea to check on your roof and see if you may need to schedule some roof repair. Here are five reasons it’s a great idea to schedule roof work during the fall. Find a Minneapolis Roofing Company here: https://shelter-usa.com/roofing-minneapolis/

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Stormy Season is Over

 Summer storms can wreak havoc on a roof. Wind, rain, and sometimes even hurricanes are all prevalent during the spring and summer. More roofs are damaged from storms during these seasons than any other time of the year. Rain can eventually wash away your shingles’ protective layer, and the hot sun can dry out shingles and cause them to crack. When fall rolls around, or after any significant storm, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof and see if there are any issues. The dry fall weather is the perfect time to schedule work because rain can delay the work or exacerbate the problems.

Perfect Weather Conditions

 The weather conditions in fall are perfect for repairing or replacing your roof. The weather is often transparent and dry so work won’t be delayed and the temperatures are more relaxed, which is far more pleasant for the person repairing your roof. Fall temperatures are also perfect for installing asphalt shingles because temperatures do not need to be too hot or too cold when installing. Shingles are more brittle when the air is crisp, and they might break during installation. During the summer a roof is a blistering hot place to be, and your roofing contractor is sure to appreciate the cooler temperatures of fall.

Give Your Roof a Check-up Before Winter

 If your roof has minor damage after summer, it could turn into significant damage during the winter if left unaddressed. Harsh temperatures, snow, and wind can turn small holes into larger holes and cause leaks. Water can freeze inside cracks in your shingles, making the cracks much worse. Heavy snow on your roof can cause significant issues as well, even causing the roof to collapse in extreme cases. Have a roofing contractor check out your roof during the fall before winter arrives will also allow new shingles time to form an adequate bond, protecting your home from air and moisture. If shingles don’t have sufficient time to build a proper seal, they could fall off and cause leaks.

Save Money During Winter

 Fall is a great time to replace your roof or schedule repairs for any significant damage. Your roof helps to insulate your home correctly, and when there is damage, your home may not be adequately protected. A new roof will help keep your heating bills lower and your house warmer. If your HVAC system is located in your attic, a new roof will provide insulation to it as well. This will ensure that your order continues to work efficiently. Make sure to take care of any roof issues before winter arrives to keep your house warm and your bills low. One significant advantage of this is that the money you’ll save on heating your home will offset some of the cost of the roofing repairs.

Keep Pests Out of Your Home

 When temperatures drop in the winter, small animals start looking for warm places to live. If you have holes or cracks in your roof, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and other critters might decide to make your attic their home. Wild animals can cause far more damage to your home than the small cracks or holes that were initially there, and they can also spread diseases. Keep these uninvited guests out of your attic this winter by making sure all of your roof repairs are completed during the fall.

 Before the freezing temperatures of winter arrive, consider calling a roofing company to schedule any repairs your roof might need. Even if you’ve been putting off getting a new roof entirely, fall is the perfect time to do it. Make sure to plan and contact a roofing company in advance. Since everyone wants their roof repaired during the fall, roofing companies might book up quickly. Go ahead and schedule your inspection or repairs near the end of summer, so you don’t miss out. Don’t let your roof cost you time, money, and energy down the road by procrastinating on repairs.

8 Not-So-Obvious Signs It’s Time to Have Your Roof Repaired in Minneapolis

A standard asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years or so. Even if your roof isn’t near the two-decade mark, it may need some attention. Yes, there are some visible signs; it’s time to get some help from a roofing contractor. There are some not-so-obvious signs you should also be paying attention to. Here are eight of them.

 1. Loose Shingles

 The problem with not having loose roofing shingles repaired is to that water can get into the underlying layers of your roof. Over time, this water seepage can do damage to the inside parts of your home. Taking care of minor issues with loose shingles now can prevent costly damage later.

 2. Poor Attic Ventilation

 If outside or inside paint on your home is blistering or peeling for no apparent reason, you may have poor ventilation. Specifically, it’s a lack of sufficient attic ventilation that can bring more heat and humidity into your home. Signs of poor roof/attic ventilation to look out for include: 

 • Increased energy costs without explanation

 • Excessive heat in your home

 • A roof leak in your attic

 • Stains on your walls or interior ceilings

 3. Rusty or Worn Flashing

 Flashing is the strips of metal placed around the things that stick out from your roof, like the chimney or heating vents. If materials of this nature are rusty or worn, you’ll be more likely to have leaks. Since it’s not always safe to get up on your roof yourself unless you know what you’re doing, having a roof inspection is the best way to know for sure if you have flashing that needs to be replaced or repaired.

 4. Granules in Your Gutter

 Asphalt shingles contain a type of surface material known as granules. These tiny particles play a role in helping water runoff shingles and providing protection from the sun’s rays. If you begin to see these particles in your gutters or downspouts regularly, it’s time to have a roof repair pro check things out.

 5. Small, Hidden Leaks

 Not all roof leaks are in your face – or on top of your head. Some roof leaks are hidden in corners concealed with cabinets or in your attic. What’s more, the spot where a hole does eventually show up may not be where it’s coming from!

 This is more likely to happen if you have a smaller leak that comes through in one spot on your roof and flows along until an opening, like the area around a light fixture, is found. If you have a plastic vapor barrier in your attic nestled between your attic wall and the drywall, push it aside and search for telltale flow stains.

 If you are still having difficulty pinpointing the real source of a leak, let a roofing contractor track it down. Experienced contractors know where to look and what signs to search for when on the hunt for a hole that’s not easy to find.

 6. Leaks Related to Cracked Chimney Cement

 Properly installing flashing around chimneys can be time-consuming. It also takes skill and know-how. Unfortunately, some roofers cut corners and slather on roof cement around vents instead of installing flashing. The problem is cement will crack eventually, which could result in a leak that extends down to areas around your fireplace.

 7. Roof Rot Due to a Missing Gutter Apron

 A gutter apron is a protective attachment that’s supposed to be placed under the edge of your shingles. It prevents water from clinging to the underside of your shingles and trickling down to the fascia.

 If your gutter system has a missing gutter apron, however, water will eventually rot various parts of your roof, including the fascia and soffits. The roof sheathing may also be affected. Ideally, this is a potential problem you want to be detected and corrected ASAP. A roofer can install a gutter apron and re-affix your gutter’s brackets or straps.

 8. Hail Damage

 Hail doesn’t always produce visible roof damage. For instance, your shingles might have small bare spots or indentations that go unnoticed until you start to notice leaks or interior water damage. Signs suggesting your roof has been damaged by hail include: 

 • Fractures or tiny cracks on shingles

 • Areas where granules are missing

 • Dents in your roof’s metal flashing

 • Pitted, rounded, or tear-drop-shaped spots

 If you are noticing any of these signs that suggest you need roof repair, Minneapolis Roofing is the roofing company to count on to get the work done. Contact us today to request service.

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