Great artisan products from the 1960s and ’70s in California

Great artisan products from the 1960s and ’70s in California post thumbnail image

The 1960s and 1970s in California was a renaissance in the design of handcrafted items. The state became famous for its artisan products such as surfboards, crockery, furniture, and jewelry.

Southern California has always been at the forefront of design and innovation, leading to many innovations that have become popular all over the world.

Los Angeles has always been a focal point for the best of American design. In Southern California, the 1960s and ’70s were a time of creative innovation. Design-forward companies like Robert Welch’s International Harvester Company, founded in 1900, were introducing the first U.S.-made tractor with its own onboard engine, but innovation was also happening inside houses and yards across Southern California, Frank Gehry’s architecture firm being one of the most well-known examples. The ’60s and ’70’s saw a rise in independent shops creating products with great craftsmanship that would be signature pieces for decades to come. Some examples we’ve found are furniture by Jose Antonio Navarro (1875-1958) and furniture by James Polshek (1940-).

Some of the best and most authentic products from the 1960s and ‘70s in California can still be found on the shelves of local antique stores.

The state saw a boom in craftsmanship during this era. It was the perfect combination of Utopian dreamers, artists, and hippies that wanted to live with a yard overflowing with fruit trees and free-range chickens. The rise of artisanal culture enabled Southern Californians to learn new tool manufacturing methods that allowed for superior quality in their products as well as for them to start exporting their goods all over the world.

These days, many companies are reviving southern California’s artisanship by following some of these principles. Los Angeles is home to countless designers, who believe making things with their hands is more important than developing software for smartphones. Fabricators are seeing it as an opportunity to make items like furniture, unique wallpapers and even interior design concepts that can be made affordably without sacrificing quality or taste.

The 1960s and ’70s were a time of new ideas in design. It was the era of hippies in California and the rebellion of modern design. For example, when Ed Ruscha designed an advertisement, he was doing it with a style which later became known as Western Graphics.

The term “designer” meant many things to different people, but it largely referred to someone who created original goods from raw materials such as clay or metal. Designers often worked with artisans around the world.

Southern California had some of the best craftsmanship coming out of west coast during these decades. The Southern California Design Center is one example of what became one of the most successful craftsmen’s guilds in 1970’s Los Angeles

Cultivation was one of the first companies to bring a wide range of artisanal goods from California to the general public. Now, they are back with another line of beautiful products.

Present day Southern California has more than 100 craftsmanship working in the fields of design and agriculture. Other than being able to find these hand-made products online or at local artisan stores, you can also find them in luxury boutiques around the world – from Paris to Tokyo.

If you are into ’60s and ’70s home decor and other crafts, you might have come across some artisanal products that were created in this era. While some of these items are still being sold today, they never go out of style.

From mid-century modern furniture to ceramic mugs, California repurposed a lot of discarded building materials into contemporary objects. This was a result of the spirit of creativity that pervaded Southern California for decades.

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